How to Grow your Business using Digital Marketing in 2017

So you own a small to medium sized business, but you are unsure as to why you aren’t growing as fast as you think you should be. You learned everything (or nearly everything) you think you should know from that college degree right? Wrong. One surprisingly overlooked part of business’ these days is the power of digital marketing for especially small to medium sized business’. 75% of all transactions in the world originate from a google search, so if your brand isn’t showing up in google think of how much profit you could be potentially losing without even knowing it. In this blog I’m going to cover 5 ways to become successful in your business with the Power of Digital Marketing in 2017.

1.Social media presence

One of the biggest factors in determining your success in this digital world we are all living in is your social media presence. Don’t get me wrong, having a large social media presence alone won’t turn you into a money making machine. It’s how you use it that counts. Let’s start by saying you don’t need a huge social media presence to convert followers into dollars. When you know how to effectively turn potential customers into real customers that’s when the magic happens. The question is how do you turn potential customers into real customers?
Be Transparent. Social media activities that are personal, attractive, and focused have a larger impact and build a stronger personal brand than those that aren’t. It is important to be personal and show what’s unique about you right off the bat to your audience. It’s important to be yourself and be honest. When brands get a bad name online especially for dishonesty, it is very hard for them to recreate themselves and this can be detrimental to their success.
Consistency in social media is one of the most influencing factors in growing your audience. When people see that you are actively posting on social media they will be more inclined to follow you. Nobody wants to follow a ghost account. Constantly posting allows you to be at the subconscious forefront of the consumers mind which will lead to more sales over time undoubtedly. Document over create.

Provide benefit to your audience. People who visit your social media account will be asking themselves ‘’what’s in it for me?’’ Show your audience you care by giving something away for free. This is a great tactic for building trust and will earn you valuable and engaged followers. Just think, if you were to give a product away for free that was worth 100 euro and you started with a social media following of 1,000 people. By the end of the giveaway if you had even grown your following to 1300 followers over the course of a week you have grown your online presence by over 20% by doing little work. The business you will gain from this strategy will allow you to earn serious profits in the long run. The more followers you get, the more of a rolling stone gathers moss effect this strategy has and the more easily profits will be made.

2.Having an easy to use website

Come on! Did you really think I wanted to sit through endless pages of content on your website and become slowly more irritated before I even have a chance to look at the item I was thinking about purchasing? Having an easy to use website is one of the major keys to making a quick sale.

The less clicks between from start to finish the better.
Divide categories clearly. We are hungry consumers! We want it and we want it now! Internet purchasing has been proven as being one of the most impulsive purchasing platforms that we use today. Your categories should be clearly and visually defined limiting the amount of time that the consumer has to think about their impulse buy.
Look at competitor’s websites. It is important to look at competitor’s websites to see what is working well and what isn’t. You can check some  traffic statistics at or a personal favorite These are great tools to use to see which competitors are driving the most traffic, but don’t get too hung up on them as you should focus your time on building your own brand and not just watching the success of media

3. The power of reviews (specifically google reviews)

Many small business’ are leaving a lot of money on the table by not encouraging consumers to leave reviews of their experience. A lot of business owners think that this is out of their control for the most part and that is where they are wrong. Here is a smart tactic I have experienced first hand with business’ that leave a consumer wanting to leave a review fast and how to deal with negative reviews.
Reward the customer when they leave a review. Example : receive ‘’x’’ off your next product when you leave a review. Who doesn’t want free money? This is an extremely powerful tool that a lot of small companies utilize to gather a lot of reviews rather fast. When people are being given money back for their review 99.9% of the time they are going to leave a positive review. More positive reviews will undoubtedly lead you down the road of more customers and ultimately more profit. You can choose how much you want to give back to your customer depending on your business. The important thing is that you are giving back.
Negative Reviews. It is important to respond to a negative review as it shows you are trying to improve your customers experience and connect with your consumer. If potential customers see you ignoring bad reviews they may think that you are unapproachable. The following animation is how not to handle the situation.


4. Implement SEO

How often do you go to the 2nd page in google? That’s what I thought. Now, SEO SEO SEO! What is this SEO everyone talks about? SEO is search engine optimization. In laymen’s terms this means ranking higher is the google search engine. There are a few ways in which you can get ranked higher in google by doing a few of these simple steps before you start running to SEO companies.

Content Keywords. Content Keywords are a great way to attract a target audience. For example if I am writing about Digital marketing I will be sure to mention that a few times throughout my blog post. This allows Google see that there is a lot of info around Digital marketing and hence google will place it at a higher ranking than a post with less of the content keywords. This being said, don’t write content around a specific content keyword but rather create quality content and allow keywords to naturally flow. This will make you appear more transparent to your audience.

Create longer content. Creating longer content automatically putd you ahead of other content creators who are only writing posts have the length you are. For example a post with 2,000 words will rank higher than a post with 1,000 words even if the latter is better written. Logically there will be double the chance someone will find what they are looking for in a post of 2,000 words as opposed to a post with 1,000 words.

Niche Topics. Target your market before you create your product. The chances of failing are a lot lower than if you were to create content and then hope you have customers. When you are writing for a particular niche, you know who you are talking to. Another great thing about having a Niche audience is that they are already willing to buy more so than window shoppers. Someone who is interested in Digital marketing specifically will be reading this post, as opposed to someone just trying to increase sales. They are close topics, but Digital marketing is a specific term. When someone googles for a specific term (like Digital marketing) then there are less options for google to pull from the web. This automatically will rank you higher in googles search engine.

5.Create a Plan (and don’t stick to it)pic 123
Creating a plan is extremely Important when it comes to creating an online business and using effective Digital marketing strategies are going to help you reach your goals a hell of a lot faster. There is much more to it than just ‘’creating a website’’.

Use analytics. Using analytics is a great way to take out the guess work and see which posts are gaining traction and which ones are still up in the air. If you are using social media platforms such as Twitter, youtube, or Instagram then will be of great use to you. Google analytics is also a great tool to use for online business owners to see how much traffic their websites are getting. Ultimately this allows you to steer more in the direction of the posts that are doing well and getting you the most attention. Your digital marketing strategy should be defined by change.


Be engaged. When business owners are engaged with their audience, they are more likely to tell you what they are and aren’t enjoying. This allows people power to do a lot of thinking for you so all you have to do is create. Being engaged with your audience makes you come across more authentic and creates a more personal relationship with the viewer/reader. Just like in person, creating relationships in business is a very important part of success. The deeper of a connection you have with your audience the more likely you will be to sell a product. An example of this is your audience using your promo code of 10% off because they enjoy your content a lot. This is a win/win situation. The company offering the promo is getting 90% of a sale they probably wouldn’t have got without you, your audience saves 10% (who doesn’t like saving money lol), and ultimately you are pocketing 10% of the sale. This is a very passive way of creating income. This is called affiliate marketing, which I will get into another day.

6.Get started!

If you have read this far and haven’t started that online business you’ve always dreamed of then start it today. Not tomorrow, today. Remember that 75% of all transactions in the world originate from a google search, so if your brand isn’t showing up in google think of how much profit you could be potentially losing without even knowing it.
1.Social media presence
2.Having an easy to use website
3.The power of reviews (specifically Google reviews)
4.Implement SEO
5.Create a plan (and don’t stick to it)
6.Get started