How You Can Get More Traffic Right Now

Anyone who has started a blog or a business online has been there. Upload after upload you are writing great content, super even, yet you just aren’t getting the audience that you were expecting to get.

One of the major challenges small business owners face when trying to increase traffic is that there is just so much conflicting advice out there in regards with how to gain traffic and trying to learn all about them is like a full-time job.

The main thing is that you just choose one of these methods. There are no wrong methods when trying to get traffic to your website, there are only those that work and those that don’t.

Not using any of these methods is a great way of not increasing traffic to your website.

Apart from getting lucky with the odd viral post, there are however, a lot of methods which you can use to attract a recurring audience which I will share with you today.


1.Guest Blogs

Guest blogs are when you write blogs for other bloggers so that you are featured on their website. These are a great tool to use especially if you don’t have an audience built up already. Another great thing about writing guest blogs is that you build incredibly strong backlinks directly to your blog which will earn you new readers on a consistent basis. So how do I start writing guest blogs?


  • Find other bloggers who target a similar audience to you. It can be really disheartening to spend hours of your time to only have a 2,000 word blog post which is not being read by the correct target audience. For example this blog focuses on digital marketing and different strategies to grow your business online so if I was to write a guest blog I would find someone who blogs about a very similar if not the same topic as I do but with a similar sized or better yet, bigger audience than me.


  • Accept Guest posts from other people. Don’t be so quick to turn away people who offer to write guest blogs on your blog. This is a great way to build business relationships in the future for when you decide to take things a little more seriously. I would also like to add to be picky when accepting guest blogs. You don’t want someone who is going to bring less value to your blog so make sure you carry out due diligence and make sure that they are certainly going to enhance your business and not bring it down.



2.Create Backlinks & Start Interlinkingmain-qimg-28071a9728bc99f96b157b06de53969a.png

So what are backlinks and what is interlinking? These are very basic SEO tools that most popular companies use to get more traffic.

Backlinks are links to your website from another website. When one webpage links to your webpage through attaching links to words, these are directing traffic straight to your website.

1.Webpage backlinks. Most of the time you won’t even know that a webpage is backlinking to your webpage. They may have just been writing about a topic that they know is featured on your website and reference them to your webpage so that they can find out more info about whatever it is they are writing about. Nonetheless these are a superb way of driving more traffic to your website or blog.

A way you can increase your backlinks is if you get in touch with Writers who write about the same topics you do and ask them to backlink to your blog and tell them that you will return the favour.

2.Create your own backlinks. This is like interlinking, which Is discussed below. If you have a Facebook page, an Instagram account, a snapchat account, twitter account, any form of social media or online hub that attracts viewers, pop the link to your website or blog into the description or info sections. Hell even post it in every post, you are trying to grow your business after all and not everyone will see every post.


Interlinking is when you reference one of your own blog posts within another one of your blog posts. An example of this is you might say ‘’ you can find out more about this topic as I have a blog post already dedicated to it, you can find it here’’. All I did was link them to another one of my blog posts and you have now got two views from one person as opposed to them just looking at the post they were looking at. If you want to look at a website that utilizes  interlinking to the max just take a look at Wikipedia.

All of the blue highlighted words are interlinking to another page within Wikipedia and are constantly generating new viewers to those pages.



3.Email Marketing

Email marketing! One of my favorites. Why? BECAUSE IT WORKS! There isn’t one successful online business that isn’t using Email marketing in 2017. I’m going to take you through some of the steps so that you can start email marketing today and not tomorrow.

Email marketing is how you get customers from traffic and if you aren’t using it you are undoubtedly missing out on some juicy profits. Not everybody checks your website everyday but they do check their emails every day. email marketing.png


Use the right Email Service

You don’t need much to start email marketing, but you do need an email service. This email service will provide you with the tools necessary to create an opt in form on your website which allows you to collect emails. These will be known as your leads.

You will then be able to fish out emails marketing whatever product or service you are offering and hopefully convert some emails into sales. Not everyone is going to be checking your site everyday but they will most likely be checking their emails every day, so this is a great opportunity to redirect them to your site.

Here are some examples of Email services that you can start using today.




Make it easy to subscribe

Make it easy for your new traffic to subscribe to you by having a very simple opt in form on your website. You want to have the fewest amount of steps necessary for them to subscribe as potential customers can drop off the radar when websites are not easy to navigate. I talk more about website navigation here.

opt in form


Create a Lead magnet

Back in the mid 2000’s people would just sign up to your blog as it was quite a new thing back then, but with competition stifling you are going to have to create a lead magnet, otherwise known as bait.

There are many ways to do this. For example, a lot of people have free downloadable e-books on their website which allows potential customers to get free information and all they have to do is SIGN UP. This is a fantastic way of collecting leads so that you can market your new products and services that cost money through Email marketing.



Use the 80/20 rule

Once you get leads, you don’t want them to think that all you want to do is make money.

The 80/20 rule in this case states that 80% of the emails you send to your leads should be beneficial to them and should provide them with some sort of value and the other 20% should be marketing only.

For example if you run a health and fitness blog why not send your leads health and fitness tips 80% of the time and market your personal training services for the other 20%. This is a great way of building trust between your brand and the customer and will help you make more sales in the future.


4.Paid Advertisements

If you are starting an online business from scratch the number one way to get traffic will be from paid advertisements, and here’s why.

You don’t want to be waiting 2 or 3 months just to get your first few visitors to the site, it’s just too much time and money wasted.

The most important thing you should learn about getting traffic to your site early on is how to convert them into sales. Using free ways of generating traffic are slow, and time consuming. Time is money so why not invest in some paid advertisements to kickstart your business. Here are a few examples of paid advertisements that won’t break the bank.

Facebook ads. Facebook ads should cost you no more than 5-10 dollars a day.

The most important thing about Facebook ads is that you want to be sure that you are targeting the right audience. This allows you to attract the specific audience you are looking for so that you can cut down on the amount of ‘’window shoppers’’ that are coming to your website and have a higher conversion rate.

Most social media platforms do run their own versions of paid advertisements so you should look at whatever one you use the most and seems to be gaining the most traction already.



5.Create More Content

This one may seem a little obvious, which it should be, however this can get overlooked by many people when they are trying to get more traffic to their website.

Document over Create. It is much easier to document than it is to create. If you were running a travel blog and you had to ‘’create’’ a new blog everyday you would struggle eventually I’m sure. There is a much easier way to do this though and that is to document rather than create. If you spent the day wandering around Rome eating Italian food and went kayaking through the tiny rivers there why not blog about your experience there. It will be much easier to write about since you don’t have to spend hours planning or researching Italy, It has already been written, all you have to do is put it on paper.

30/30 Strategy is a very simple strategy used for people who really want to increase traffic to their website rather quickly. It is almost guaranteed to increase traffic within a month.

This simple strategy means that you will post 1 blog every day for 30 days. Now I know what you are thinking, that that’s too much work and the quality might suffer. The quality doesn’t have to suffer. Take a few weeks and write a blog a day and save it on your computer. Don’t post it.

Now that you have written 30 blogs and have them ready to post at your finger tips, you want to take another few days to set up a Facebook ad. This will really enable you to optimize your 30/30 strategy.

Strategically post your blogs at the same time every day (whatever time works best for you, I prefer 8am). Once your blog is posted and Facebook ad live, you want to advertise freely on all of your social media platforms that you have posted this blog.

This strategy makes it very hard for people not to come across your page and not click on it.

I should probably mention that to optimize these 30 days you want to have an opt in form that allows you to collect leads. You should also be running something like Google adsense on your page too. This is so that you will be making the most of the time you have already invested.

Another great thing about the 30/30 strategy is that you get to see first-hand which blogs are gaining the most traction, so instead of posting blogs monotonously over a few months and guessing which ones are doing well, check your analytics and know the answer within 30 days.


6.Embed Videos on Your Blog/Website

Embedding videos onto your website will really help you boost your search ranking on google because people are spending more time on your webpage and that is going to make your webpage more relevant in Google.

This is a great tip because on-page and onsite time is a huge ranking algorithm thing. To be clear, the more time you can get people to spend on your page, the higher you will rank in Google and hence the easier it is going to be for new people to find your webpage.youtube_products_lg.jpg


So there you have it, 6 ways that will help you generate more traffic to your webpage.

To Recap the 6 methods were

1.Guest Blogs

2.Create Backlinks and Start Interlinking

3.Email Marketing

4.Paid Advertisements

5.Create More Content

6.Embed Videos on Your Blog/Website





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